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Tourist and travel guide of Colima

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In Colima you can visit places like Pinacoteca Universitaria Alfonso Michel, Museo Regional de Historia de Colima, Parque Piedra Lisa or Colima
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Its name comes from the Nahuatl word that was known to the ancient kingdom of Colliman: from colli, "hill", "volcano" or "grandfather" and Maitl, "hand", "domain". Colima is thus "place overlooking the old god or the god of fire." It is the fourth smallest state and its Human Development Index is high. The state's capital city of the same name: Colima. Bounded on the north Colima Jalisco, south to the state of Michoacan and west by the Pacific Ocean. Politically divided into ten municipalities: Armeria, Colima, Comala Coquimatlán, Cuauhtemoc, Ixtlahuacán, Manzanillo, Minatitlan Tecomán and Villa de Alvarez. Arriving at City of Palms, as he is known to Colima, founded in 1525, you find a paradise where lush landscapes and majestic volcanoes, are the main protagonists. If we add a rich culture, history and hospitality of the staff provided, then we have one of the most interesting and beautiful states of Mexico. The name of the state and the city of Colima has been misrepresented on several occasions. The latest research says that Colima, Acolman comes from the Nahuatl, meaning "place where the water turns" or "where does the river bend." The territory of Colima, of which nearly three quarters of surface is covered by mountains and hills, falls within a branch of the Sierra Madre del Sur, which comprises four mountain ranges. Despite being a small entity, Colima contains within its boundaries a myriad of attractions that contribute to enhancing the reputation of Mexico, among which we mention the cathedral, a neoclassical style, the Government Palace, the magnificent murals of painter Colima Jorge Chavez Carrillo, illustrating historical subjects relating to the Conquest, Colonization and the War of Independence. Other cultural and architectural places that stand out are: El Teatro Hidalgo, dating from the nineteenth century, the Temple of San Francisco, founded in 1554, the House of Culture, with an amazing library, exhibition hall, auditorium and workshops on various activities artistic. We also find entertainment centers like Colima Regional Park, which features a spa, and the traditional Lisa Stone Park, which among its curiosities has a monolith, on turning a legend that says "who slip by him , comes to live or at least back to Colima ".
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