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Travelers are attracted to this narrow strip of land that is Chile, especially the spectacular Pacific Coast, large urban avenues, the highlands of the Andes and the opportunities to practice sports adventure. Chilean culture has survived the violence of its recent history and is thriving again thanks to a population known for its warm and flexible character. Although it has one of the communities most important European origin in South America, indigenous traditions persist in the Andean foothills and southern plains. It also has some of the most beautiful national parks in the Southern Cone that attract hikers alike observers and guanacos.

In Chile you can visit cities like Ancud, Antofagasta, Arica or Villarrica
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Chile is a country of America located in the southwest corner of South America. Its official name is Republic of Chile18 and its capital is the city of Santiago.n June 19 Chile is usually described consists of three zonas.6 The first, known as continental Chile comprises a long narrow strip of land on the coast Western Southern Cone that extends over 4270 km, 20 mostly from the southeastern shore of the Pacific Ocean to the Andes, between parallels 17 ° 29'57 "S and 56 ° 32 'S. It reaches a wide maximum of 445 km at 52 ° 21 'S, at the height of the Strait of Magellan, and a minimum width of 90 km in 31 ° 37' S, between Punta Amolanas and Pass Piedra.6 House bounded on the north with Peru, eastern Bolivia and Argentina, totaling 6339 km of land borders, 7 and south by the Drake Passage. The second, called insular Chile, corresponds to a set of volcanic islands in the South Pacific Ocean: the archipelago Juan Fernandez islands Desventuradas belonging to South America, the island Salas y Gómez and Easter Island, geographically located in Polynesia. The third, called the Chilean Antarctic Territory, 21 is an area of Antarctica in 1250 257.6 km ² between the meridians 53 ° W and 90 ° W on which Chile claims sovereignty, extending its southern boundary to the South Pole. This claim is suspended in accordance with the provisions of the Antarctic Treaty, 22 of which Chile is a signatory, without signature constitutes a waiver. Because of its presence in America, Oceania and Antarctica, Chile, defines itself as a country tricontinental.6 23 24 Chile also holds exclusive rights, claims of varying degrees and sovereignty over its maritime space, called Sea chileno.25 It comprises four zones: the territorial sea (120 827 km ²), 26 the contiguous zone (131,669 km ²), 26 the exclusive economic zone (3,681,989 km ²) 27 and the corresponding continental shelf (161 338 km ² ), 27 which also includes the territory chileno.28 Chile has a coastline of 6435 km of longitud.29
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