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Tourist and travel guide of Cefalù

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In Cefalù you can visit places like Il Castello, Museo Mandralisca, Salita Saraceno or Cefalù
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Cefalù (Cefalù in Italian and in Sicilian Cifalù) is an ancient Italian town and municipality in the province of Palermo, in Sicily, of 13,777 inhabitants. It is located in northern Sicily, about 70 km from Palermo, at the foot of a rocky promontory. It is one of the largest resorts in the province, despite its size, each year attracts millions of tourists, Sicilians and Italians in general. In summer the population reaches double. It has Roman baths, a cathedral old, wonderful beaches and is a quiet town full of history. Fishing port and seat of a bishopric. The abutments are constructed as columns to lighten their appearance. The mosaics are among the most famous in the world. Cefalu was said in Greek and Latin Cephaloedium Kephaloidion. Thucydides says that Himera was the only Greek colony in this part of the island, so that was supposedly of Phoenician origin and abandoned, was converted into a fortress (phrouphion) by the people of Himera, and later inhabited by them when their city was destroyed.
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