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The islands of Cape Verde are characterized by mountainous topography and arid, almost lunar, and a wind-swept shores. Its desert landscape exudes a beauty and serenity, and some of the islands have lush vegetation. There are good opportunities for diving and hiking and lots of quiet corners in which they lost. The islanders make a melting pot of influences from Africa, Portuguese, Mediterranean and Latin whose result has generated a typically Cape Verdean ethnicity. The organized tourism has gained a foothold, but Cape Verde remains autonomous and untouched.

In Cape Verde you can visit cities like Cape Verde or Cape Verde
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The Republic of Cape Verde or Cape Verde is situated in the Atlantic Ocean, in the volcanic archipelago of the same name, near the coast of Senegal. The islands were uninhabited until they were discovered in the fifteenth century by the Portuguese, who proceeded to colonize to make it a center of slave trade. Most of the present inhabitants of Cape Verde are descendeds from both groups, settlers and slaves. The name comes from the archipelago of Cape Verde, the westernmost tip of the continent of Africa, near which stands the city of Dakar (Senegal). Its official language is Portuguese and the country is a member of the Speaking Countries Community Portuguesa. When the Portuguese colonized the archipelago, in the fifteenth century, the islands do justice to that name: they were covered by dense tropical vegetation, contrasted with black volcanic rocks and blue sea. There is no evidence that the islands were inhabited before the arrival of the settlers, but is considered likely that the Arabs had visited in previous centuries the island of Sal to provide themselves with that element. In 1462, the first Portuguese settlers landed in what is now Santiago and founded the oldest European city in the tropics: Ribeira Grande (now Cidade Velha). The Portuguese began cultivation of sugarcane. The dry climate was not favorable, but the development of the slave trade (from most of the west coast of Africa) gave prosperity to Cape Verde. Four years later, colonization transformed the island into a "desert floating ': much of the population had emigrated to escape hunger. For the Portuguese, the islands between Africa, America and Europe, were of great strategic interest. In the sixteenth century, Cape Verde was scale ships that carried slaves to America (slavery was abolished in 1876). The repeated assault English pirates, Dutch and French forced the Portuguese to move settler farmers in the Alentejo (southeast Portugal, "granary" of that country) to the archipelago due to inadequate farming, they ended up with fertile soil, prompting from the eighteenth century periodic droughts that continue into the present. The contraction in agricultural activity, famous among the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries for their cotton - sparked the mass migration of Cape Verdeans: most to Guinea-Bissau (former Portuguese colony closely linked to the archipelago), and then to Angola, Mozambique, Senegal, Brazil and, especially, the United States. In the nineteenth century, the prosperity of the islands was slowly declining, the island had two incomes, cotton and slaves, destroys the ecosystem and the island desertiza (ends the production of cotton), and prohibits the slave trade worldwide, staying on the island without income.
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