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The Cameroon is a unitary republic of central Africa. It borders Nigeria to the northwest, the Lake Chad to the north, the Central African Republic and Chad to the east by the Republic of the Congo to the southeast and south to Gabon and Equatorial Guinea south and the Gulf of Guinea to the west. The capital is Yaoundé, though Douala is the largest city, all through the two million inhabitants. Most of the country is mountainous, and there are the mountains of Adamaua, west and center. The highest elevation is Mount Cameroon (4070 m) active volcano located near the Gulf of Guinea. To the north are Benoué and Logone rivers, and the Sanaga and Nyong in the South. In Cameroon there is the southern shore of Lake Chad. He has been called "Africa in miniature" for the enormous diversity of landscape within it. The former French Cameroon and part of British Cameroon was formed in 1961, the Federal Republic of Cameroon, who in 1972 became the United Republic of Cameroon. Since 1984 its official name is simply Republic of Cameroon, in French (République du Cameroun) and English (Republic of Cameroon), the official languages ​​of the state debt of the former colonial powers. The Cameroon has generally enjoyed stability, which has allowed the development of agriculture, roads and railways, as the oil industry. Despite recent moves towards democratic reform, political power remains firmly in the hands of an ethnic oligarchy basis.

In Cameroon you can visit cities like Cameroon, Maroua, Yaoundé or Yaoundé
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