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Ancient temples, deserted beaches, mighty rivers, remote forests ... and, beyond Angkor, few visitors. Cambodia has risen from the ashes after decades of war and isolation, a situation that became a country of atrocities, refugees, poverty and political instability. The magical Angkor temples attract tourists again, who contemplate admired, and the country is back on the map as a tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Cambodia powerful successor state of the Khmer empire, which ruled much of the territory they currently occupy Vietnam, Laos and Thailand, boasts a rich culture, a beautiful French colonial capital, somewhat damaged, and a stunning natural landscape. The country enjoys a relatively recent but stable peace, and is gradually attracting tourism, which currently favors the neighboring Vietnam. However, the picture is not as encouraging as it might seem, because of the existence of landmines and banditry that occur in remote areas. Today, the busiest routes seem to be the best to visit.

In Cambodia you can visit cities like Anlong Veng, Battambang, Cambodia or Udong
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Cambodia, 1 whose official name is Kingdom of Cambodia (Khmer:, Preǎhréachéanachǎkr Kampuchea), is a constitutional monarchy in Southeast Asia with a population of about 14 million people, mostly ethnic Khmer. The main religion is Theravada Buddhism. Its capital and largest city is Nom Pen. The country is bordered on the west by Thailand, northern Laos, Vietnam to the east and south by the Gulf of Thailand. It is traversed by the Mekong River. The name "Cambodia" comes from the ancient Khmer Empire Kambuja or Kambujadesa. Kambuja, in turn, comes from the Sanskrit name of a tribe originally from India who took the name of its founder, Kambu Svayambhuva. The influence of India began in the first century, thanks to the country's maritime strategic position between it and China. The breed's most influential was that of the Brahmins or priests, who incorporated Hindu terminology uses and the original culture. The name is French Cambodge Cambodia, which derives from Kambuja.
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