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For centuries, Brazil has symbolized the flight into a tropical paradise, feeding the Western imagination like no other South American Paris has ever done. Brazil is a country of mythic proportions: from the unbridled passion for the Carnival to the immensity of the dark Amazon. Brazil is a land of amazing beauty, with vast areas of rainforest, islands with remote beaches and endless rivers. Added to the Brazilians, who delight visitors with characteristic energy and joy. With dimensions similar to the U.S. (excluding Alaska), Brazil is a vast country that spans nearly half of South America and shares borders with most other nations of the continent except Ecuador and Chile. After forty years of internal migration and population growth, Brazil is also an urban country, with more than two of every three Brazilians live in the city. São Paulo is the second most populous city in the world.

In Brazil you can visit cities like Algodoal, Alter Do Chão, Arraial D’Ajuda or Xapuri
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Brazil, officially Federative Republic of Brazil6 7 (in Portuguese: Federative Republic of Brazil), is a country in South America that includes the eastern half of the subcontinent and some groups of small islands in the Atlantic Ocean. With an estimated area of over 8.5 million km ², is ranked fifth worldwide in territory surpassed only by Russia, Canada, USA and China and has borders with all South American countries except Chile and Ecuador . Its northern border with Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Suriname and French Guiana on the south by Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, on the east by the Atlantic Ocean and west by Bolivia and Peru. For the most part, the country is between the terrestrial tropics, so the seasons do not feel in a radical way in much the same. The Amazon covers 3.6 million square kilometers of its territory. Thanks to its vegetation and climate, is one of the countries with more species of animals in the world.8 originally was inhabited by various indigenous groups. After the Treaty of Tordesillas, Brazil was the segment of the American continent which corresponded to the kingdom of Portugal, which became independent on September 7, 1822. Thus, the country went from being the center of the kingdom of Portugal an empire to finally become a republic. His first capital was Salvador de Bahia, which was replaced by Rio de Janeiro until it built a new capital, Brasilia. With approximately 192 million inhabitants, Brazil is the fifth most populous country in the world but has a low rate of population density. This is because most of its population is concentrated along the coast, while inland is still marked by huge gaps demographics. Portuguese colonization of Brazil is the only Lusophone-speaking nation in the Americas. Most followers of religion is Catholicism, with the largest number of nominal Catholics in the world. Brazilian society is considered a multi-ethnic society to be formed by descendants of Europeans, Indians, Africans and Asians.
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