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Tourist and travel guide of Braunschweig

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In Braunschweig you can visit places like Landesmuseum, Dom St Blasii, Burg Dankwarderode or Braunschweig
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Brunswick (German: Braunschweig), city of Lower Saxony (Germany), on the river Oker. With 241,930 inhabitants (2009) is behind Hanover's second largest city in Lower Saxony. Braunschweig was until 1918 the official residence of the noble house of Brunswick-L√ľneburg. Is unknown date and circumstances of the founding of the city. According to one legend, the city was founded in 861. Tradition says it was founded by Bruno II, a Saxon earl who died before 1017. The original name of the city, Brunswick, is a combination of the name Bruno and wik, which means the place where merchants rested and stored their goods. The city's name indicates, therefore, a good place to rest because it is in a ford of the river Oker. Another explanation for the name of the city is coming from Brand, or 'burn', indicating a place that was developed after it was cleared by fire. The Technical University of Braunschweig studying whether they can reform the old buildings to reach the current standard, and get an appropriate environmental outcome. Among the projects are the new building of the City of Brunswick and the Evangelical Church in Berlin.
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