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Tourist and travel guide of Bhopal

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Bhopal is the state capital of Madhya Pradesh in India and It's known as the City of Seven Lakes. Bhopal was founded by the King of Parmara Bhoj (1000-1055) who made his capital at Dhar area. The city became notorious in 1984, which one of the most serious chemical accidents that occurred in the world. The Bhopal Disaster originated at a leak of 42 tons of methyl isocyanate at a pesticide plant owned by U.S. company. When It was in contact with the atmosphere, the compound began to decompose released several highly toxic gases that formed a lethal cloud that swept along the ground throughout the city. Thousands died almost immediately suffocated by the toxic cloud, and many others died in accidents while trying to escape from it for the desperate and chaotic evacuation of the city.

In Bhopal you can visit places like Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Van Vihar National Park, Jama Masjid Mosque or Bhopal
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