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Belize, washed by the Caribbean Sea, is more similar to neighboring islands to the heightened volatility of the rest of Central America. In this tiny country, speaking English, Creole and inherently free with a history of coups, breathed a quiet and relaxed atmosphere. Travelling in Belize can be difficult: only has three paved roads, high prices and hotels are few and far between them. But while in Belize can be achieved only one brand of beer, compensates for these shortcomings with some of the most exceptional sites for scuba diving, Mayan ruins looming in the virgin forest and eco-tourism hotel points for sedentary adventurers.

In Belize you can visit cities like Belize, Belize City, Belmopan or Southern Belize
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Belice2 (in English: Belize) is an American country located on the northeastern tip of Central America. Mexico is bordered to the north and west and south by Guatemala. The Gulf of Honduras separates it from the namesake country, why was formerly known as British Honduras until acquiring its current name due to Belize City (the Mayan Holzuz) and the river at whose mouth is built. Its capital is Belmopan and Belize City, former capital, is the main urban area and also the main port. Although the predominant languages are Spanish and Creole Belize, Belize is the only Central American country where the official language is English, mother tongue than 3% of the population. This is due to Belize's colonial past, being the only Central American country was a British colony. This makes Belize share a common past, not only with the countries of Central America but also in the Caribbean. In general, Belize is considered a Central American nation with weak ties to both the Caribbean and Latin America. It is part of Caricom and Central American Integration System (SICA). Some have assumed that the word "Belize" has a remote Mayan etymology mean that language beelis Way off. Other, even less foundation, place-name attribute to the importance of the territory claimed a British buccaneer named Wallis. Be corroborated as Spanish is that maps to the area called The Beacon, most likely because there are several on the coast, where reefs and rocks abound. [Citation needed]
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