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Or Bielarús Belarus (in Belarusian: Беларусь, transcribed: Bielarús) is a republic in Eastern Europe. It borders Russia to the northeast and east, Ukraine to the south west with Poland and Lithuania and Latvia to the northwest. The capital is Minsk. Most of the people of Belarus of 9.85 million live in urban areas surrounding Minsk and the capitals of the provinces. Over 80% of the population are native Belarusians, with significant minorities of Russians, Poles and Ukrainians. Since the referendum in 1995, the country has two official languages: Belarusian and Russian. The Constitution of Belarus does not declare an official religion, although the country's main religion is Orthodox Christianity, Slavic, and the second most popular is Roman Catholicism. Both the Orthodox and Catholics respect the national holidays of Christmas and Easter.

In Belarus you can visit cities like Belarus, Brest, Hrodna or Vitsebsk
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