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Tourist and travel guide of Bavaria

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In Bavaria you can visit places like Alte Pinakothek, Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial, Residenz or Bavaria
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Bavaria (German: Bayern, although its official name is Freistaat Bayern, Free State of Bavaria) is the largest of the sixteen states that make up the Federal Republic of Germany. Located in the southeast, and its capital and largest city is Munich. Bavaria has a population of almost 12.6 million inhabitants (December 2011). The earliest known inhabitants mentioned in written sources were a people, probably Celts, the Romans submitted just before the start of the Christian era, founding colonies and including the land in the province of Rhaetia. The Roman center of administration for this area was Castra Regina, known since the Middle Ages as Regensburg. From the reign of Marcus Aurelius, was governed by the Rhaetian of Legion Commander III Italica, whose base was in the aforementioned Castra Regina. During the last years of the Western Roman Empire, the country was almost deserted, but since its occupation by the Goths at the time of Theodoric the Great, who also placed him under the rule of a duke, somewhat restored prosperity.
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