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Tourist and travel guide of Bamberg

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In Bamberg you can visit places like Schloss Concordia, Diözesanmuseum, Bayerische Staatsgalerie or Bamberg
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Over the centuries after the Roman Empire, Germanic migration came to the Diocese of Bamberg, which was inhabited by Slavs. The settlement was first mentioned in 902, due to construction Babenberg Castle in honor of the family who built it. The area was evangelized by monks of the Benedictine Order and was given to the Diocese of Würzburg. In 1007, the Holy Roman Emperor Henry II Bamberg choose to separate from the diocese of Würzburg since sought to reduce the size of that diocese. In 1008 was achieved by consensus among the bishops of Würzburg and Eichstätt, with the approval of Pope John XVIII, defining new limits of the diocese. The new cathedral was completed in 1012, which marked the beginning of the new extension diocesal. 5 years later he founded a monastery for worship and training of the clergy. Around the thirteenth century, the bishops forced the Empire, allowing to build large buildings in Bamberg. That being the power that had been obtained vast territories, all being lost by the Reformation, which reduced the length by half.
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