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Tourist and travel guide of Běijīng

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In Běijīng you can visit places like Monument to the People’s Heroes, Fragrant Hills Park, Fayuan Temple or Běijīng
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Pekín1 (Chinese: 北京, pinyin: Beijing, Wade-Giles: Pei-ching, [peɪ ˨ ˩ t͡ɕiŋ ˥], literally "northern capital") is the capital of the Republic of China and has about 20 million. 2 Located on the outskirts of the ancient civilization of China, Beijing became the stronghold of foreign powers that occupied North China between the tenth and twelfth. The Liao Dynasty established their southern capital here, the most authoritative of all five of the kingdom. The Jin Dynasty, the next dynasty "barbarian" undertook an extensive development project the image of the Northern Song capital, Kaifeng. In 1215 the Mongols razed the city, but 50 years later Kublai Khan decided to build on it the new capital. In the central-southern route was the colossal hipodámico imperial villa complex containing the imperial palaces. Emperor Yongle, the third Ming, decided to move the capital to Beijing. The walls on the north side were moved further south to the imperial palace complex, called Forbidden City, would remain exactly in the center of the plane. Thus the structure of the new Beijing represents the pinnacle of Chinese traditional urbanism, based on the organization introduced by the Mongols and the structure of the imperial palaces of Kaifeng and Nanjing also take into consideration the standards of Chinese geomancy (风水).
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