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Many harbor a very particular image of Australia as the Sydney Opera House or Ayers Rock, although these famous icons low pay honor to the abundance of natural treasures of the country and its cultural diversity and its vastness. Australia offers experiences of all kinds, from the empty field and extraordinary spectacle of the Great Barrier Reef to the cosmopolitan character of Sydney and its vast beaches, considered the best in the world. Australia is a huge country, so that those who entertain the idea of ??going to the opera in Sydney one night and visit Crocodile Dundee the next day had better review their knowledge of geography. Its extension, together with the friction between the ancient land steeped in Aboriginal tradition and Western culture subsequently adopted, gives Australia much of its character.

In Australia you can visit cities like Adelaide, Airlie Beach, Albury Wodonga or Yulara (Ayers Rock Resort)
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Australia (officially, in English, Commonwealth of Australia: Commonwealth of Australia) is a country in Oceania. Occupies the main landmass called Sahul shelf, plus a few islands in the Pacific, Indian and Antarctic. The countries closest to Australia include Indonesia, East Timor and Papua New Guinea to the north, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and the French dependency of New Caledonia to the northeast and southeast New Zealand. Australia is the sixth largest country in the world with an area of 7,686,850 km ². Its capital, Canberra, is located in the Australian Capital Territory. The country's population in 2006 was about 20.6 million inhabitants, mainly concentrated in large coastal cities: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and the capital Canberra. Australia has been inhabited for more than forty-two thousand years by the Australian Aborigines. After sporadic visits by fishermen from northern and European explorers and traders began in the seventeenth century, the eastern half of the continent was claimed by England in 1770 and in 1788 established a penal colony in New South Wales. Due to the settlement of colonists, population growth and the exploration of new areas, during the nineteenth century settled over five other British colonies.
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