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Tourist and travel guide of Augsburg

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In Augsburg you can visit places like Fugger Stadtpalast, Jüdisches Kulturmuseum, Planetarium or Augsburg
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Augsburg (German: Augsburg) is a German city. Its traditional name in Spanish is Augusta. [Citation needed] is the capital of the administrative region of Swabia, Bavaria. Augsburg is an independent city and also capital of the district of Augsburg. Known as vindelicorum Augusta when he was part of the Roman province of Rhaetia, Augsburg is one of the oldest cities in Germany. During the sixteenth century, Welser and Fugger families, based in this city, dominated many sectors of European and world economy, highlighting in particular to finance the reign of Charles I of Spain and V of Germany. They argued economically examinations by Nicholas and Ambrose Alfinger Federmann. Here he met the Diet of Augsburg, in which Protestant leaders (led by Philip Melanchthon, a friend of the reformer Martin Luther) Charles V gave him the Confession of Augsburg on June 25, 1530, which is the creed of Lutheranism.
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