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Tourist and travel guide of Asyut

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In Asyut you can visit places like Lillian Trasher Orphanage, Convent of the Holy Virgin, Banana Island or Asyut
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Asyut (محافظة أسيوط) (Lycopolis) was the capital of the thirteenth nome of Upper Egypt, situated on the banks of the Nile, 359 km south of Cairo.1 Today is the capital of the governorate (province) of Asyut. It was a big mall where caravans converged from the Red Sea, Nubia. During the XI dynasty came into conflict with the southern nomes Heracleopolis and Thebes. In this city worshiped the god Upuat, hence the Greek name Lycopolis. It was the birthplace of the philosopher Plotinus (Πλωτίνος) (205-270), founder of Neoplatonism. Today is an important city, being the capital of the governorate of the same name. Its population is 343,498 inhabitants (2006) 2 and is one of the main Coptic. In its vicinity was built a large dam with locks, completed in 1902, of which part Ibrahimia channel communicating with the Canal of Joseph, the largest irrigation canal in Egypt, which brings the waters of the Nile River Birket Qarun lake in the Fayum. It offers college.
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