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Tourist and travel guide of Asilah

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  • Population: 31666

In Asilah you can visit places like Paradise Beach, El-Kamra Tower, Main Beach or Asilah
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Asilah or Arzila (Arabic أصيلة Asila), commonly known in Castilian today by its French name, Asilah) is a city located in the northern Moroccan Atlantic coast, about 46 km south of Tangier, and about 110 km from the Spanish city of Ceuta. It has a population of about 28,217 inhabitants (census 2004) .1 It is located on a plain near a hill bordering the sea. In the Phoenician and Greek times, the coast was much visited, Phoenician remains have been found, based Zilil (or Zilis as others) in the second century BC. It was later Carthaginian colony, rebelling against Carthage, coming to have its own currency. Lose importance for the revival of Lixus. In the first century B.C. settled by the Romans, calling it Colonia Iulia Constantia Zilil Augusti (Augusta Zilil). Conquered by the Arabs in 712, re-emerged under the name of Asila, being a meeting point for traders from southern Spain and neighboring regions, scientific and cultural knowledge of the emergence of scholars and writers, is the time of the Idrissids .
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