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Trip to Asia

When talking about the largest continent, in fact now the most diversified continent, Asia tops the list. Yes! Asia is home to different cultures, interesting people and unique lifestyle. Where on one hand, the Asian society is conservative; the other side of the picture would reveal stunning reality. Yet, different lives co-exist in the heart of this continent. Asia is always in news, it is everywhere. There is life! There is audacity! There is passion! There is compassion. Asia is a true example of how different one can be, they can still survive together. This continent stands out from America and Europe where society is different. Asia is lively! It is lovely!

In Asia you can visit countries like Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan or Vietnam
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Most Desired Destinations

Pode Kangtsang
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Du Hang Pagoda
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Rana Kumbha Palace
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National Museum
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Hida-no-Sato museum
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Forest Museum & Chatham Saw Mill
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National Art Gallery
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Independence Square
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Wuhou Temple
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Square of Happiness and Prosperity
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