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Tourist and travel guide of Annapolis

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In Annapolis you can visit places like Chase-Lloyd House, William Paca House & Garden, Naval Academy Museum or Annapolis
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Annapolis is the capital of the State of Maryland, USA, and the seat of Anne Arundel County. It is a city with a population of 38,394 inhabitants (census 2010). The city is part of the metropolitan area of Baltimore-Washington, is located on the banks of the Severn River about 3 km (2 mi) from the entrance to Chesapeake Bay, 40 km (26 mi) southeast of Baltimore and approximately the same distance to Washington DC. In Annapolis Naval Academy is the United States. In 1649, Puritan exiles from Virginia led by William Stone and established a settlement called Providence on the north shore of the River Severn. These first inhabitants soon moved to a better protected harbor on the south coast and founded a town that was a successive series of names until Sir Francis Nicholson in 1694 located the capital of the royal colony there, receiving the name of Annapolis in honor of the Princess Ana, who soon became Queen of Great Britain. In 1708 the population was elevated to city status. Since the mid-eighteenth century until the War of Independence, Annapolis was characterized by cultivated and wealthy society. The Maryland Gazette, which became an important weekly, was founded by Jonas Green in 1745, opened a theater in 1769, during this period was an important trading center, then decline with the rise of Baltimore, in 1780, as a port input and present the main business of the city is your oyster processing center. Annapolis became the temporary capital of the United States after the Treaty of Paris signed in 1783. Congress had its meetings at the headquarters of the state between November 26, 1783 and June 3, 1784. On December 23, 1783 General Washington resigned his post in Annapolis commander in chief of the Continental Army. In 1786, we invited representatives of all participating states to a convention to address the issue of trade rules, but only attended by delegates from five states (New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, New Jersey and Delaware). Representatives to convene a new convention in Philadelphia the following year to approve corrections to the Articles of Confederation. At the Philadelphia Convention adopted the Constitution of the United States of America.
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