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Tourist and travel guide of Ankara

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  • Population: 3519177
Ankara is the capital of Turkey, Central Anatolian Region and the province same name. According to the 2007 census has a population of 4,140,890 inhabitants, which makes it the second most populous city in the country after Istanbul. It is the headquarters of the Turkish parliament, ministries and other government institutions, as well as foreign diplomatic missions. As with many ancient cities, Ankara has been known by various names throughout the centuries: the Hittites called it Ankuwash before 1200. C., the Galatians and Romans called it Ancyra and classical periods, Hellenistic and Byzantine was known as Ἄγκυρα Ánkyra. The city was famous for its long-haired goats (Angora goats) and its prized wool (mohair) for their unique breed of cat (Angora cat), for their white rabbits for its pears, its honey, and the muscat grapes which occurs in the region.

In Ankara you can visit places like Kuğulu Parkı, Kocatepe Camii, Anıt Kabir or Ankara
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