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Situated between France and Spain under the protection of the Pyrenees, Andorra provides ideal conditions for winter sports and mountain scenery and an impressive cultural heritage heir of its Roman past. In the warmest weather, geography attracts hikers and those who need to escape the noise and stress of the cities. Its cities are becoming tempting to reflect on their windows the good prices of all its products with respect to its neighbors.

In Andorra you can visit cities like Andorra, Andorra La Vella or Andorra La Vella
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The Principality of Andorra (Catalan: Principality of Andorra) is a small country in southwestern Europe with an area of 468 km2, located in the Pyrenees between Spain and France, with an average altitude of 1,996 meters above sea level. It is bordering on the south by Spain, the Catalan regions bordering the Cerdagne, Alt Urgell and Pallars Sobirá, and on the north by France, bordering the Ariège department in the region of Midi-Pyrenees. Its territory, with its capital in Andorra la Vella, consists of seven parishes with a total population of 78,115 inhabitants in 2012.4 It is constituted as a social and democratic state of law, whose political system is parliamentary co-principality and its heads of state to the bishop of Urgell, Joan Enric Vives i currently Sicily, and the president of the French Republic, François Hollande today. The current head of government is Antoni Martí Petit and official language is catalán.5 not have its own armed forces and its defense is the responsibility of Spain and France.6 In case of emergencies and / or natural disasters such as floods occurred in 1982, is called the tocsin, comprising the heads of families with Andorran nationality.
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