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Tourist and travel guide of Amasya

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  • Population: 82939

In Amasya you can visit places like Gök Medrese Camii, Mustafa Bey Hamamı, Kumacık Hamamı or Amasya
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Amasya (Greek Ἀμάσεια formerly Amaseia) is the administrative district of Amasya Province in northern Turkey. It has a population of 201,331 inhabitants1 (2007). Amasya is located in the mountains that rise above the Black Sea coast, in a narrow valley along the river banks Yeşil. Despite its proximity to the Black Sea, the area is at high altitude, so the indoor climate, favoring the production of apples for which the region is known. In ancient times, Amaseia was a fortified town located on a hill above the river. It's been a long time provincial capital, home to kings and princes, artists, scientists, poets and thinkers, from the kings of Pontus, through Strabo the geographer, to many generations of Ottoman imperial dynasty. He was also the scene of an important period in the life of Atatürk. With its wooden houses from the Ottoman period and tombs carved into the mountains of the kings of Pontus, Amasya is an attractive place for tourism.
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