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Albania (in Albanian Shqip) is a republic in Europe, located in the Balkans. It borders Montenegro to the north, north-east Kosovo, Macedonia to the east, Greece to the south, west to the Adriatic Sea and south-west by the Ionian Sea. Tirana is the capital with 400,000 inhabitants, and major cities are Durres, Elbasan, Vlore and Shkodër, with around 100,000 inhabitants. Albania is a very mountainous, with heights of more widespread than 1,000 meters. The lowlands have only one seventh of the country and are reduced to very narrow coastal plain and valleys. Its main rivers are the Drina, the Vjosë the Shkumbin the Week and Devoll. The Adriatic coast is rugged, dotted with golf courses and managers, in total has around 450 km of coastline, including the Ionian Sea. The coastal lands enjoy a Mediterranean climate, with average annual temperatures of around 16 ° C. However, the interior becomes a continental climate, with annual averages of 10 ° C and abrupt contrasts of temperatures throughout the year. In some mountainous areas of rainfall exceeding 2,000 mm. The Mediterranean maquis vegetation and conifer stands on the shore, while the mountainous interior dominated by coniferous and deciduous forests.

In Albania you can visit cities like Albania, Berat, Durrës or Tirana
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