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Trip to Africa

Continents! Continents! Do you know the continents? Well, of course most of us know about the continents, especially the rather dominant ones such as America, Europe and Asia. However, there is one more continent that has gathered attention over the years due to its striking poverty rate and deteriorating lifestyle. Well, that existing still, Africa has changed in other ways over the years. Rather let’s just say that it has improved in the recent years. What does Africa bring to you? It promises hope. It looks up to new planning and architecture, waking up to a new dream and ebullience. Touring Africa would mean staying humble. A trip that would open up your eyes to the blessings and miseries!

In Africa you can visit countries like Algeria, Angola, Benin or Zimbabwe
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Temple of Augustus
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Monastery of St Jeremiah
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Temple of Umm Ubayd
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CP Nel Museum
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Schwerinsburg Castle
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Table Mountain Cable Car
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Convento de Santa Catalina
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Mosque of the Dyers
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Ratanga Junction
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