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Tourist and travel guide of Acapulco

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  • Population: 652160

In Acapulco you can visit places like Fuerte de San Diego, Isla de la Roqueta, Palma Sola Archaeological Site or Acapulco
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Acapulco (Nahuatl: acatl, poloa, co, "reed, destroy or drag, place" "Where were destroyed or washed away the reeds")? is a Mexican port city in the state of Guerrero, on the south coast. It is the head of the homonymous municipality and one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico. Besides being considered the sixteenth largest metropolitan Its semicircular bay was named after Santa Lucia, for the day of its discovery by Spanish explorers. Acapulco is divided into three main tourist areas known as: Acapulco, Acapulco Dorado and Acapulco Diamante. The word comes from the Nahuatl Acapulco: acápolco (acatl, reeds; polli is gramema of augmentative; co, place. Then is: "Place where abundant giant reed), pul, pol, augmentative, and co (place), which in set can be translated as "place where reeds abound giants' .2 there is also another version which indicates that probably comes from: ácatl (cane), in (augmentative) and co (place)," place of rods great. "While some authors accept the first, the Academic Society of Historians agree that the second is a more accurate translation, especially since the so-called bamboo reeds, generally-came long after the Spanish conquest, while the cane-corn-is obviously autochthonous origin. [citation needed] Furthermore, it has been suggested that the word derives from the Latin words aqua (water) and pulchra (clean or beautiful). [citation needed]
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